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The Prolog Doctoral Consortium is intended for PhD students in Logistics, Supply Chain Management or Project Management who wish to present and discuss their doctoral project. The Doctoral Consortium is a forum dedicated to exchange comments, support and feedback to help PhD students to progress in their research work in a constructive manner (on theoretical, methodological and/or epistemological levels). Based on communication proposals submitted and evaluated beforehand, PhD projects will be presented and discussed with fellow PhD students and established researchers in Logistics, Supply Chain Management or Project Management. These communication proposals take the form of a PhD progress report.

The Scientific Committee of the 2021 doctoral consortium is co-chaired by Blandine Ageron (Grenoble Alpes University) and Nathalie Sampieri-Teissier (Aix Marseille University). PhD students must submit a short paper of about 5 to 8 pages (excluding references and annexes) in English or French. These communications will be evaluated anonymously by two evaluators. They must include the feedbacks of the evaluators. Papers that do not respect this limitation in number of pages will be automatically rejected.


The 2021 PROLOG Doctoral Consortium will take place in Nantes during Prolog Conference, 16-19 June 2021.

Key dates

Preliminary version: 8th of March 2021

Feedbacks from evaluators to PhD students: 15th of April 2021

Deadline of final papers: 7th of June 2021



The proposals must be sent to the following address: et


Submission standard: Documents must be submitted in Microsoft Word format (A4 size).

Before presenting the PhD project, compliant with the academic standards (context, problematic, research questions, literature review, methodology, results, limits and contributions, references), the first page should include the following elements.

The title of the document (Times New Roman, in bold, 14).

A list of keywords (Times New Roman, 12pt).

An abstract of less than 500 words. Must indicate the focus of the communication, the design of the research, the main results, the theoretical and the managerial contributions, the limits of the doctoral process.

PhD director – Research center affiliation

Date of first PhD registration

Expected date of defense (or period)

Actual professional position

Career objective


The layout of the text should be in a Word format with a 1.5 space, using 12-point Times New Roman font, and margins of 2.5 cm (top, bottom, left and right). The titles should be in bold and numbered as 1 and 1.1, 1.1.1, etc. Page numbering will be centered at the bottom of the page and begin with 1. Figures, diagrams and tables should be centered, with a numbered title and placed in the text prior to their content.