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Governments have realised that logistics infrastructure and processes are critical to trade facilitation and as a result, more and more countries are investing in the development of global logistics hubs as a means of attracting inward investment for economic growth and or diversification.  The development of logistics hubs gives rise to big infrastructure systems as new multimodal land, rail and sea terminals and lines are built. They also create an upsurge for a host of new services ranging from logistics to new schools, hospitals, residential and industrial areas.  These developments present new challenges from a socio-economic and also environmental aspect. Research questions to be answered are numerous: How can these developments be coordinated and integrated from a project and logistics perspective? What are the types of services to be offered? How can advances in IT, analytical models, data analytics and other relevant research areas, contribute to the overall to the success of these systems and the well-being of people living in these areas ?

Topics of the Conference

  • Global Logistics Hubs design
  • Big systems
  • Data Analytics
  • Sustainable & Green supply chain design
  • Socio-Economic and Environmental Impact of Big Systems
  • Supply chain and logistics risks, management & Servitization
  • Smart Warehousing, Transportation, distribution and traceability
  • E-supply chain
  • Disruptive Planning, IoT and Industry 4.0
  • Product quality management
  • Financial supply chain management
  • Food Supply Chain
  • Humanitarian Logistics
  • Healthcare Logistics
  • Renewable Energy
  • Organization of innovative projects
  • Advances in project management, project teams and processes
  • Management of mega projects
  • PLM (Product life cycle)
  • Inter-organizational information systems
  • Collaborative engineering
  • Project marketing & entrepreneurship,
  • Project manager’s roles & competences and Cross-cultural management
  • Critical role of IS in project management
  • Procurement Management