During the second edition of PROLOG conference, a prize Will Be Awarded to the best junior communication, written and presented by one or more Researchers (doctoral student). This prize Will Be Awarded by Taking account the quality of paper and oral presentation.

The prize of young PhD student of the first edition PROLOG 2016 was attributed to:

Mr. Renaud Allamano-Kessler
MRM, University of Montpellier
Email: allamanorenaud@gmail.com

Title of the paper
Mutualism-Predation between traceability standards in the distribution channel?

In this work, we observe the situation of rivalry between the traceability standards in the distribution sector. We consider the economic literature about the standardization process between rival technologies in network technologies and the limits brought about by some economists and managers. These limits focus on the systematic character of the model, the undersestimation of the actions of the companies which support these technologies and the automaticity of the choice by the adopters. Our aim is to integrate these elements to propose a model of Mutualism-Predation. We follow the adopters’ point of view and we analyze their position relative to the choice of a standard by using the verbatim accounts gathered from a systematic review of a professional journal. We notice the perception of a standardization movement towards a single standard, rather than the mutualism of several alternative standards. We note that this standardization movement happened through the competition between two systems (Bar code/ RFID) before evolving toward a more complex mix between these two technologies, which we describe as a situation of coopetition since these systems are rival and mutually exclusive, but they are, however, used in a form combined by customers.

Keywords: Mutualism-Predation, standards, distribution channels, traceability, coopetition.

Renaud Allamano-Kessler
MRM, University of Montpellier
Anne Mione
MRM, ISEM, University of Montpellier
Laurent Larroque
ISEM, University of Montpellier

A prize will also be awarded to the Best Reviewer