edition prolog 2019

19-21 Jun 2019, IAE Metz School of Management

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Best Young Researcher Award of the PROLOG 2018

The Logistics Institute, University of Hull, UK

Best Young Researcher Award of the PROLOG 2017

La Rochelle Business School, France

edition prolog 2019


The increase of competition and the rapid technological change, characterizing the nowadays business environment require a shift towards new paradigms in the fields of logistics and project management. Indeed, the improvement of supply chain performance is highly dependent on the evolution of the traditional fragmented supply chain models, focused on localized optimization, towards the integrated and agile supply chain perspectives. This latter perspective takes into account the overall efficiency of the supply chain, and more qualitative aspects such as customer satisfaction. In the case of project management, the agile perspective is mainly mobilized in the field of information systems - related projects. Given the effectiveness of this perspective, its use expands towards various fields of application such as industrial, logistics and construction projects. In this context, several issues need to be addressed: What are the new mechanisms for coordinating supply chain and project related stakeholders? Which types of management are best suited for implementing this perspective? What are the drivers and the limits of the agile approach? Which conceptual models are more suitable to combine agile supply chain management and agile project management? How to rethink the agile approach in the era of digital transformation?

PROLOG – Project Logistic

The emergence of the economy of variety and reactivity, the increase of the competition and the rapid technological change require an evolution towards new paradigms in the fields of supply chain and project management. In search of performance, firms adopt new logistic strategies and project organizations oriented not only towards technical excellence and optimization but also towards innovation.

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