edition prolog 2017

10-12 May 2017, Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de la Rochelle

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edition prolog 2017


As part of the sustainable development of our company, taking account of environmental and social impacts has become in many sectors a key element in the strategy of companies. At the heart of operations management, supply chain management and project management are involved primarily in the development of value creation models and respectful of CSR principles. These emerging models need to be consolidated, others are in development. Which decision support systems? What impacts on stakeholders? Which theoretical models? So many questions that spur on today's scientific community.

PROLOG – Project Logistic

The emergence of the economy of variety and reactivity, the increase of the competition and the rapid technological change require an evolution towards new paradigms in the fields of supply chain and project management. In search of performance, firms adopt new logistic strategies and project organizations oriented not only towards technical excellence and optimization but also towards innovation.

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